How Would Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Work As A Criminal Defense?

When a person commits a crime, the courts will factor in the individual's mental state when determining guilt. Thus, if you suffer from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), it may be possible to avoid a conviction or—at least—obtain a lighter sentence if you can prove your condition was partially or fully to blame for your actions. Here are two defenses you may be able to use in your case. Self-Defense Posttraumatic stress disorder is a protective response to the experience of traumatic events. Read More 

Tips For Making The Job Of Your Personal Injury Attorney Easy

If you want to make sure that your personal injury attorney is going to be able to do his or her best work on your case, you may want to put in a little effort. By helping with certain things, you can increase your odds of winning your case. This is because your attorney will be able to focus on the other aspects of your case that you are not able to have anything to do with. Read More 

Getting Ready To Hire Employees For The First Time?

Part of being in business is risk management, which means trying to keep your business from being sued. If you're branching out from a sole proprietorship or family-owned business for the first time and hiring employees, one of the most critical things that you need to understand is that you are responsible for everything that your employees say or do under a doctrine of the law known as "respondeat superior." There are limits, however, on how far the liability goes. Read More 

Why You Should Update Your Beneficiary Designations For Your Retirement Accounts On These Three Occasions

Once you have planned your estate, you need to keep updating your retirement account beneficiaries if you want your estate to go to the right people. Even if you have the best plan, your assets can end up in the wrong hands if you fail to update your beneficiary's designations. Although you can change your beneficiaries at any time, it becomes necessary if the following circumstances apply: A Beneficiary Becomes Disabled Read More 

Learn How A Business Attorney Can Help You Start A New Business

If you plan to start a business in the near future, you will more than likely not know all of the legalities involved with owning a business. There are business attorneys available who are very knowledgeable when it comes to business law who could help you learn everything you need to know and help you with some of the essential legal aspects of owning a business. The guide below walks you through a few of the ways that the business attorney can help you ensure you start your business off on the right legal foot. Read More