Planning To Part Ways? 4 Types Of Divorce To Consider

There are different types of divorces depending on how much you and your spouse can agree on. Of course, you should weigh the implications that come with each choice before picking one over another. It is, therefore, best to have all the facts before making a choice. A competent divorce lawyer can guide you through these four divorce options and help you choose the most suitable one.  The Collaborative Divorce Read More 

Why Your Prenuptial Agreement Might Not Be Enforceable

A prenuptial agreement can help you in the event that you decide to file for divorce. However, there are some circumstances in which a prenuptial agreement will be considered invalid, and you will need to speak with a divorce attorney about how this might affect your divorce. The Agreement Is Not in Writing A spoken prenuptial agreement cannot be enforced in court. The written agreement will need to be signed by both spouses before the wedding. Read More 

3 Important Things To Remember When Defending Your Medical License

It takes years of hard work and dedication to earn your medical license. Coming under review due to a patient complaint file against you with the medical board in your state can be a nerve-racking experience. The implications of having to fight against a complaint can be very serious. Tip #1: Understand What Is at Stake First, it is essential to understand what is at stake when you have a complaint filed against you. Read More 

Why Do You Need The Services Of A Social Security Attorney?

Are you apprehensive about the success of your social security disability claim? You should talk to a social security attorney. This legal expert is conversant in social security laws and will offer very useful advice. Navigating the social security claims process alone is cumbersome if you are not knowledgeable on Social Security Administration (SSA) procedures. An attorney improves chances of success for your claim in different ways: Evaluation of Benefits Qualification Read More 

When Crime Doesn’t Pay: What To Know About Criminal Restitution

A single criminal act earning a conviction is sure to present the court with a wide variety of possible sentences. Apart from incarceration, most convicted defendants also face numerous financial punishments. Court costs can be in the thousands, legal fees can be high, and fines and penalties can be sky-high. Along with all the usual forms of punishment comes one meant to make things better for the victim of crimes. If you have been arrested, it's in your best interest to understand how making criminal restitution could become part of your sentence if you are convicted. Read More