Why Do You Need The Services Of A Social Security Attorney?

Are you apprehensive about the success of your social security disability claim? You should talk to a social security attorney. This legal expert is conversant in social security laws and will offer very useful advice. Navigating the social security claims process alone is cumbersome if you are not knowledgeable on Social Security Administration (SSA) procedures. An attorney improves chances of success for your claim in different ways:

Evaluation of Benefits Qualification

Your claim must show the severity of your injuries and disability. It must also show how your disability will affect your capacity to work and prospects of finding gainful employment.

A social security disability attorney starts by evaluating if your claim is qualified. The attorney first looks at the 'Blue Book' of the Social Security Administration to establish if your disability qualifies for assistance. If it is not in the Blue Book, the attorney will argue that it is close to one of the disabilities listed in the book.

Ensure the Initial Application is Correct

The first Social Security disability application is very detailed. It shows your medical history before the injuries, the nature of the injuries that caused your disability, and the nature of the disability itself. It will also show your income history and how the disability will affect your ability to work and earn an income to support you and your family. 

A social security attorney is very helpful in making an acceptable disability assistance application. They ensure all documentation is attached and all information is filed properly to minimize the need for resubmission.

You will not pay the attorney if your application is unsuccessful. However, the attorney does their best to ensure your claim is successful.

Legal Representation in Court

You are free to appeal to an administrative court if the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your application. The court gives you a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). A social security disability attorney is very useful when making your case before the judge. They can argue based on administrative law and supply the documentation evidence the judge needs to overrule the SSA.

Keep Your Disability Claim Updated

The SSA handles millions of disability claims, and they keep on growing. Your records must stay updated to ensure the SSA continues to support you. The attorney will show your disability still requires financial assistance by supplying the documentation the SSA requires. The attorney helps you maintain an acceptable standard of living.

Would you like to improve the chances of success for your social security disability claim? Talk to a social security attorney about your claim.