3 Factors That Will Affect The Value Of The Settlement You Get For Your Injury Claim

The law has provisions to ensure that you get compensated when you get injured by another person's negligent actions. Some things you might get compensation for include; medical expenses, lost income, and emotional pain and suffering. However, it is common for people pursuing injury claims to have issues with the compensation they ought to receive. As such, hiring a lawyer to help you deal with an injury claim can help maximize how much you receive. Here are three factors that will affect the figure. 

Were You Partially to Blame?

You might bear some responsibility for your injuries and damages depending on how you acted during the incident. Furthermore, some cases have more than one liable party. Given this, some courts use comparative negligence. That said, you can still file claims, and a settlement provided the amount accounts for the degree to which each party contributed to the problem. Accordingly, if the court determines you contributed significantly toward causing your injuries, you will only be compensated a set percentage of the total amount you seek in your claim.

How Bad Is Your Bodily Harm?

The lawyer can use various methods to calculate the value of your claim based on your bodily harm. In this case, most formulas come from the extent of the injuries and the cost of future medical care. For example, a broken arm or other non-permanent injuries are less costly than a spinal cord injury. Further, you should have a record of all the medical care sessions you have received for the injuries. The good news is your lawyer will help you compile and present evidence in a way that gets you maximum compensation.

Did You Incur Property Damage?

You should also consider property damage as part of the compensation package for your injuries. Note that the costs for losses such as phones, computers, valuable items like necklaces and sunglasses, and pets can impact the compensation package you receive in a claim. This is because they discuss the cost of the loss in the context of property damage or vehicles involved in an accident. Ultimately, a lawyer will help you link the damaged property and the causative factor, which is the defendant's negligence. As such, once they establish a link, you will get compensated adequately.

These are some of the factors that might affect the settlement you receive for your injury claim. Remember, it is best to consult a personal injury lawyer to start the legal process to maximize how much you get for the claim.

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