3 Reasons To Contact A Workers Compensation Lawyer When Filing For Temporary Disability Benefits

Staying out of work can be frustrating, especially if you depend on your job to pay your bills and support your family. Unfortunately, an illness or an injury may incapacitate you for a few weeks. If your misfortune happened at your workplace, you could be entitled to temporary disability benefits. When applying for this award, you should work with a workers compensation lawyer because filing a claim is a complex procedure that requires legal knowledge. In this article, you'll learn how contacting these lawyers can be beneficial. 

Handling Paperwork

Although filing temporary disability claims may seem straightforward, you could make mistakes that may affect your application. A lawyer can handle your paperwork so you can focus on healing. They'll ensure that you obtain the suitable forms from the HR department or insurer. Before submitting your application, they'll attach the relevant medical documents to prove that you have a disabling condition. If your state requires you to attach an employer statement, these professionals can help you get one from your employer to increase your chances of approval. 

Appealing a Denial

Determining if a temporary disability can make you unable to work can be challenging. So, an insurer may deny your application, especially if they think your condition isn't serious, you don't meet the non-medical requirements, you've got a preexisting condition, and your application is incomplete. Luckily, you can file for an appeal if your claim is rejected. A lawyer can find out why your request was denied and work to get it approved. They'll ensure you receive proper treatment and attach relevant medical documents showing your condition's disabling. They'll also explain the state requirements to you regarding this type of benefit so you know if you qualify. If you have a preexisting condition, they may assist you in applying for a different award.

Defending Your Rights During Mediation

Your employer's adjuster may disagree with your physician's opinion on temporary disability. According to them, your condition may not be disabling enough to prevent you from working. To prove their point, they may ask that you take an independent medical evaluation. While accepting this offer may be tempting, it could worsen things because these companies contact doctors who support their opinions. A lawyer can negotiate with your insurer and connect you with a neutral physician. This way, you can be sure that the results will reflect your true condition. They can also negotiate with your insurer over the settlement to enable you to get the maximum award. 

If you think you qualify for temporary disability benefits, you should work with a workers compensation lawyer. These lawyers will defend your rights and ensure your application is approved.