A Product Might Be Making You Sick and You May Deserve Compensation

If you are feeling ill or suffering from a medical condition, you might not realize that the malaise, pain, and suffering you are experiencing are the result of exposure to chemicals being released from a product you are using. The health effects of being exposed to these chemicals can be highly detrimental to your life and there's no reason why you shouldn't receive compensation if you can prove that a product you're using is defective and making you sick.

Product Liability

Product manufacturers are held strictly liable for the injuries that their products cause. For example, in the past, some auto manufacturers have used gaskets that contain asbestos. This is most common in much older cars and exposure to this chemical over an extended period can lead to mesothelioma. In addition to asbestos, there might be various other chemicals that businesses use in their products that have negative health effects after long-term exposure.

How to Receive Compensation

However, to receive compensation for your injuries, you will need to find out what happened. This will require an in-depth investigation by a personal injury lawyer who has handled product liability cases. 

Damages Caused by Negligence

To receive compensation for your damages, you will first need to calculate the full extent of your damages. For example, you will need to take into consideration the invasive surgeries you might need, any other medical treatments you might require, such as chemotherapy, and the pain and suffering that your medical condition will cause. This includes both current damages you have already suffered and the damages you are expected to suffer for a lifetime.

If you have pre-existing conditions, these might not be taken into consideration when you receive compensation unless you can show that the pre-existing conditions were exacerbated by the actions taken by the defendant. 

How to Connect Your Damages to the Defective Product

Your personal injury attorney and your doctor will work together to identify the cause of your medical condition. They will then use this evidence to hold the responsible party accountable.

Several parties might be responsible for your injuries. For example, the manufacturer of the product, the designer of the product, the distributor, or the vendor might be responsible for the product becoming defective. Then, you may be able to negotiate a settlement or you may need to take the auto manufacturer to court.

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