Auto Accidents & Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are incredibly serious, and they often result from car accidents in which one or more individuals acted negligently or without care. If this sounds like what you are dealing with, it may be time to pursue a lawsuit. Auto accidents are serious, and you may be able to recover some of your financial damages.

Spinal Cord Injuries Have a Huge Impact

The impact of spinal cord injuries on a person can be incredibly damaging. Much of the damage is financial, and it can impact you for the rest of your life. Physically, an individual with these injuries may live with years or decades of pain. You may have to undergo a variety of medical treatments, surgeries, and other procedures. Then, there are the emotional ramifications that come with these injuries. You may find that your quality of life is severely impacted by the auto accident. Financial consequences of these injuries may also develop over time. For example, you may no longer be able to work as you recover or deal with your injuries.

Your Life May Be Forever Changed

Your spinal cord is full of nerve tissues. The nerves that make up the spinal cord are crucial for allowing communication between the brain and the body. An auto accident that results in trauma to your neck or back can induce paralysis and other issues.

Here's What You Can Recover

If you bring a successful lawsuit against another party, there are a series of damages you may be able to recover. Medical bills are among the most common financial damages. You can sue for the costs related to prescriptions, surgeries, hospital stays, and other devices. You may also sue for the cost associated with hiring a caregiver.

If you are unable to work after your auto accident, you may also recover lost wages. Individuals who become disabled may also sue for disability.

Finally, you may deal with a lot of trauma after the incident. This means you may be eligible to receive pain and suffering damages. These are harder to prove, but it is still possible to receive money for this reason.

You Are Not Alone

Are you dealing with a spinal cord injury? You are not the only one. Help is available, and auto accident attorneys understand that you may not have a full understanding of the law.

Legal representation is available.Contact a law firm like Wolfe  Jones Wolfe Hancock Daniel & South LLC to learn more about taking your case to court.