There Are Different Things That Could Happen If You Get Pulled Over For A DWI

Getting pulled over because a police officer believes that you are driving in an unsafe manner may end up with you getting charged with driving under the influence of some kind of intoxicant. That intoxicant could include alcohol, street drugs, or prescription medication. If you are pulled over, there are a few things that could happen. 

Ticket and release

One outcome is that you could get a ticket and the police officer releases you to let you go home. The ticket acts as a summons to court, which means that you either have to pay it or appear in court to contest it. The police officer is more likely to only give you a ticket if you pass the field sobriety tests but still appear to be intoxicated, and if you have another driver who is sober in the car. If you are prescribed medication that could affect you so that you look like you may be intoxicated, this may also be something that happens to you. If this describes you, then you may want to make sure that you have a doctor's note stating that you take that medication and why you take it. Make sure that the note is on the doctor's letterhead; otherwise, it could have been written by anyone. 


If you fail all the field sobriety tests or refuse to take them or don't have another sober driver in the car with you, you are more likely to be arrested and taken to jail. You do have the right to refuse to take the tests, if you so desire, but be aware that if you do, the police officer will probably arrest you and take you to the hospital for a blood test to judge how intoxicated you are or what you are on. If you are argumentative with the police officer, you are also more likely to get to get arrested, because that can be a sign that you are intoxicated and lacking in impulse control. When you are taken to jail, you will have the right to call a lawyer to come and help you out with your charges. You will probably want to get one who specializes in DWI charges so that you can get the best help possible. 

If you are driving erratically or appear to be unsafe, you are likely to be pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence. Talk to a lawyer, like those at Pollack & Zuckerman Attorneys at Law, to learn more.