3 Things You Should Avoid Doing During A Divorce

Getting a divorce can be incredibly stressful. In fact, divorce is considered to be one of the most stressful life events. This is why it is so important that if you are going through a divorce that you do everything that you can to simplify the process. You may not be able to bypass the emotional stress of a failed marriage, but you might be able to save yourself some of the heartache and headache of the legal process. Here are a couple things that you should avoid doing.

1. Don't Hide Your Assets

When you meet with your attorney, you will go over all of your assets and your estate. Perhaps in attempts to protect some of those assets or save money in the divorce, you may be tempted to keep some things a secret, hoping that they won't be discovered. Usually everything is discovered in the process, and if the judge finds out that you have been withholding information or that you were untruthful about your estate, you could be in major trouble.

Thus, you should be forthcoming about all of your assets and property to avoid problems. In addition, it will also save you a lot of time since both sides will have all the information they need and they won't have to take as much time to research and find out about all of your estate.

2. Don't Abandon The House

Another important thing is to not leave your house, even if you and your spouse are unhappy and fighting. When you leave the property, you give your spouse possession of the house. They can change the locks and essentially prevent you from getting back on the property. This obviously won't be a permanent thing, but you may have to wait for a judge to force them to let you back in or for the divorce process to be completed before you can re-enter the property. Consequently, stay on the property, or get a legal separation agreement before you leave the house.

3. Don't Leave The Children

Lastly, you should never leave the children during a divorce. This will reflect poorly on you in the case that there is a custody battle. If you abandoned your children, it will look like you believe the day-to-day care is not your responsibility. You will have a harder time getting custody of your children. If you feel like the situation is unsafe for you or your family, you need to take the children with you, should you choose to leave.

By avoiding these three things, you can hopefully simplify the divorce process. 

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